Heto ang mga sample activities na pwede ninyong gawin upang makatulong sa Laban ng Kalooban ng inyong anak!

  • Model and encourage good behavior to children consistently.
  • Explain how their actions affect others (Ex. Bad behavior or Good Manners) Books with pictures that allows child to explain how of the characters’ action affect others. Explain to child effects of good and bad behavior. 
  • Give the child a task to do in the house (Ex. Taking out the trash, wiping the table, etc.)
  • Teach the child negotiation skills, exchanging items, rewards and sharing. (Ex. Playing board games like Monopoly, playing pretend market / ”tawad sa palengke”)
  • Use pretend play to teach polite or appropriate interactions among peers and adults. This can be simulated in pretend play such as bahay-bahayan, etc

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