Sometimes it can be hard to get your kids to sleep, right? But remember that sleep is a big part of getting Laban ng Katawan!



Sleep does not only help us regain the energy we spend during the day, it also brings many other benefits. So moms, no matter how hard it is, we need to make sure our kids get enough sleep!


Kids aged 3 – 6 should get 10 – 13 hours of sleep every night. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of sleeping for your child’s Immunity, Growth, and Energy to see why!






When kids get sick, they need plenty of rest, ‘di ba mommies?


Kids need to sleep to fight off sicknesses because some parts of the immune system become more active only when they are sleeping. More sleep means they will be able fight infections and heal quickly.(1)


And when your kids are asleep, their immune systems can learn how to recognize germs and bacteria. Studies also show that your child’s immune system gets better at recognizing germs and bacteria when they are asleep.(1)


But watch out, moms! This also means that children that don’t get enough sleep have a higher chance of getting sick.(2)


To help give your child “Laban ng Katawan,” make sure to give them enough sleep every night!






Why else do your kids need lots of sleep? To grow tall, siyempre!


Kids grow most when they are sleeping. This is because the growth hormone is released mainly when we are asleep. This hormone helps your kids grow tall and develop almost every part of the body!(3)


And sleep is very important during the first few years of life because kids who get more sleep tend to be taller than those that don’t get enough sleep.(4)


Make sure your kids become a Batang May Laban by teaching them the importance of sleep for growth!






And siyempre, your kids need to sleep so they will have all the energy they need for the day.


When your kids get a good night’s sleep, they will have enough energy for daily activities. And if they are active during the day, they will be able to fall asleep easily at night.(5)


And mommies, remember that a good night's sleep is also important to allow your children to make the most of their energy when they are awake. This does not only mean physically, but mentally as well.


These are just some benefits that a good night’s sleep can have for your child’s mind:(6)

  • Sleep helps with brain development

  • More sleep helps your kids think clearly and learn quickly

  • Kids who get more sleep are better behaved

  • Sleep can help your kids focus and pay attention in class


According to research, children that don’t get enough sleep every night tend to do worse in school and tend to have lower grades.(6)


Kids with Laban ng Katawan have lots of energy every day. They use this energy to play a lot, learn as much as they can, and do well in school.


Adequate sleep along with proper nutrition and drinking growing up milk like Bonakid Pre-Scool 3+ can help give your kids have the much-needed physical and mental energy they need every day!



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