Heto ang mga sample activities na pwede ninyong gawin upang makatulong sa Laban ng Isip ng inyong anak!

  • Foster open conversation by allowing the child to tell stories and listening to them. Tell the child what you did for the day and ask them what they did in turn. 
  • Expose them in different situations or environments to encourage questions. Open conversations on what you see and think of the situation/environment and allow the child to voice out his own comments. Example, “Why do we need to wash our hands before we eat?”
  • Read books with children with pictures and allow child to tell the story or make up a story according to the pictures. Ask questions to child concerning their story. 
  • Expand child’s vocabulary by adding more descriptive words and using proper nouns or plural forms when talking to the child. (Ex. dogs, red car, windy day, kitten, mga pulang lobo, kuting na maliit, aso, etc.) 

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